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a look at projects over the years.

We often work in partnership with architects, developers, project and consultancy firms. We also develop products for the consumer market. If you are interested in becoming a partner or dealer, please contact us.


ARNO en Ivo samen leuk POTRAIT met Lucht



Swentibold is one of the largest roof, facade and air-conditioning  manufacturers in the south of the Netherlands. Swentibold has been developing and producing for more than 40 years. Founder Arnold Otten developed the company together with his wife Annie into a very successful company.

In 2009 the baton was passed on to son Ivo Otten as the new director owner.

Given the lust for entrepreneurship and the constant development of new products, Arnold is still closely involved with the company to this day, which in turn likes to make use of his expertise!

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Swentibold gebouw.jpg
  • Roof drainage systems
    (gutters and associated products)

  • Architectural coverings
    (for roofs, facades and awnings)

  • Ventilation systems with heat recovery

  • Air purification

  • Combined roof hoods
    (for flue gas outlets and ventilation)

  • Light construction work

  • Powder coating

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