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Climate technology

And developer Swentibold made every effort to provide a solution to this crisis Corona.


Our range of EuroAir air purifiers can bring about a huge change in schools, care centers, hotels, offices, catering, events and sports centers.


We also offer innovative solutions around the theme "Fresh Schools".

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Roof & Facade

In our Swentibold factory in Susteren (NL) we produce the latest sheet metal trends in various material types with our team. Custom-made and supplied in all colors.  


With our own setting shop, welding departments, assembly lines and a laser cutting platform , we turn every design into a top product. From fascias, eaves, window sills and facade cladding to specific exclusive custom sheet metal constructions.

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ARNO en Ivo samen leuk POTRAIT met Lucht



Swentibold is one of the largest roof, facade and air-conditioning facilities manufacturers in the south of the Netherlands. Swentibold has been developing and producing for more than 40 years. Founder Arnold Otten developed the company together with his wife Annie into a very successful company.


Since 2010, the permanent management has been in the hands of their son Ivo Otten, who has now also become director owner.


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